Posted by: sharonlis768 | September 13, 2007

Introduction to the author of my blog

Hi!  My name is Sharon and this is my first “real” blog.  I say “real” because I’ve created other blogs for the purpose of creating a blog, but never for the purpose of actually blogging.  This class, LIS 768, will be my first experience with really blogging.

I work at the Barrington Area Library as an Assistant Librarian in the Adult Services Department.  I work on the reference desk, as well as the popular materials desk where we do readers’ and audio-visual advisory. 

The administration at our library is very interested in Library 2.0.  A blog was used last summer for our young adult reading program.   It was pretty successful for a first try.  We are in the process of establishing a Wiki community calander.   I don’t know much about how either of these were set up, but I expect by the end of LIS 768, I will.

What I hope to get out of LIS 768 is not just the technical experience of how to use the current Web 2.0 tools, but a better appreciation for their use and what all they mean for the future of libraries.  I’m a baby boomer and a bit of a skeptic and tend not to be as naturally excited about all of this technology. 


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