Posted by: sharonlis768 | October 22, 2007


Establishing a catalog for my library on LibraryThing was surprisingly easy. (I say that from the viewpoint of one who typically struggles with most social software, including this blog.)  Anyway, I like LibraryThing!  I have an extensive collection of cookbooks that I may just organize.  For work, I can see using it to help me remember titles to recommend to patrons who ask at the readers’ advisory desk.  I read a lot of books, and belong to a book club, and am forever trying to remember a specific title for a specific request.  This might be an easily accessible place to organize my personal reading list.

This last summer our young adult librarian at BAL established a blog for the young adults participating in our reading program.  Once participants blogged about books they had read, their selections were entered into an account in Shelfari, a website similar to LibraryThing.  It was pretty neat.

Another similar website I’ve heard about is GoodReads.  I guess there are more.  As a start point in sorting out these sites, I listened to a pretty good podcast from Sarah Long, director at North Suburban Library System.  It’s #61—Web tools for the Reader


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