Posted by: sharonlis768 | October 23, 2007

Lasting Impact of McCusker Lecture

Although we were able to come up with plenty of criticisms of Stephanie Mills lecture last week, what the McCusker Lecture did for me was to make me think…and care.  Because I am a clipper (I read my newspaper with a pair of scissors in my hand), I had saved an article from the Wall Street Journal (1/29/07) about companies using social networking sites to promote their products and connections with customers.  On the backside of this page, were several articles about companies working to reduce computer-operating expenses including the reduction of power consumption through building more efficient computers and better cooling of servers.  (According to a vp of Hewlett-Packard, on average, for every dollar of electricity spent to power a server in most facilities, $1.50 is spent to cool that same machine.)  In class it was brought up about how many libraries leave their computers on all night.  One of these articles acknowledges vendors who are building computers that use power-management settings to power down components when not in use. (Of course, libraries can’t afford to replace their computers as often as most companies can, but if and when we have input into buying new equipment for our libraries, energy options are important to think about.)  Anyway, as I ramble on, the point I’m trying to make is that before last Wednesday, I probably wouldn’t have even read the articles on the backside of my saved clipping, much less read with interest and concern.     


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