Posted by: sharonlis768 | November 6, 2007

Thinking about Blogging

During this past week, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about blogging.  (Being mocked by the A.Librarian tends to make you do that.)  Since starting a blog for LIS 768, I increasingly find the blogosphere to be an interesting place.  I’ve been surprised by the number of people who enjoy writing blogs and also by the number of people who obviously have time to read blogs. (Most of my boomer friends outside of libraryland don’t read blogs, let alone write them.)  The A.Librarian is an anonymous blogger and she draws many anonymous comments.  That said, I have been wondering if I should have identified my employer in my initial post of my class blog.  I thought it could be helpful information for classmates, but should I have told my employer about this class project?  At my library, as I’m sure is the case with most, we have a policy outlining who can speak to the press about library issues.  What kind of policies do libraries have for staff and library users about blogging?  If libraries want patron participation on their websites and feedback about library services, what kind of guidelines are they setting regarding what gets published?  In a quick check I found an example of some blogging guidelines for a book review blog on the Memphis Public Library site.  I’m thinking that blogs are relatively easy to start in a library, but that librarians need to remember to factor in time to develop policies and guidelines regarding their use.



  1. Blogging is a wonderful way to share information and to suck every instant of spare time that you can manage to squeeze out of your life.

    There are hundreds…maybe thousands of library blogs. I found this class through a blog. I keep 2 blogs myself (Journey of a kitten, which is personal and Circulating Zen which I actually started working on as a result of class. Even though I started it before I started class, I think, I moved it to WordPress and made it more active because of LIS768.

    I read blogs between tasks at work. I consider the library related ones to count for professional education and development. (Wil Wheaton’s blog probably doesn’t count, nor does Neil Gaiman’s nor the random Live Journal people I read on Google reader…but that’s okay)

    I hope you keep on blogging.

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