Posted by: sharonlis768 | December 20, 2007

Top Ten Reasons Why I’m Glad I Took LIS 768

As a final post on our blogs, we have been asked to reflect on LIS 768.  In a more formal evaluation of the class, I have darkened ovals on a scantron and eloquently answered questions on a survey (which I signed my name to because at my age you tend to be brave about those kinds of things).  So, in the spirit of celebration for having completed one more class toward my MLIS, and considering that Michael says Library 2.0 is about being human and that we should take opportunities to play with web 2.0 tools, this blog post covers what I’ve enjoyed during the Library 2.0 and Social Networking Class this past fall.  

Top Ten Reasons Why I’m Glad I Took LIS 768

10.  I finally had an excuse to play GAMES.  When you’re a boomer, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction in being able to tell your teenage nieces and nephews that they can see you on YouTube playing Guitar Hero.

9.  I learned how to use Flickr, which then got me to develop the pictures that have been stored on my memory card for over a year.  I like seeing how other people have photographed the same sights I have.  And I think librarians will be able to find numerous uses for Flickr both in promoting programs and in even in helping with reference questions.

8.  I perfected my Walnut-Date Pumpkin Bread recipe.  Okay, I threw this is to see if you were still reading, but honestly, when I get stressed out (and learning some of this new technology did stress me out) I go to my kitchen and bake.  Stressful or not, LIS 768 forced me to try web 2.0 tools that otherwise I might not have tried.

7.  I had Michael Stephens for a teacher.  From a librarian in Virginia that I was instant messaging, to the director at my library, it seems that lots of people have heard Michael speak on Library 2.0 and are interested in finding out more about LIS 768 at Dominican.

6.  I fell in love— with  This has proved to be such a useful web 2.0 tool for me.  I really like the tagging aspect of delicious, and think tagging in general has such potential for libraries.  I am really interested in watching how tagging is integrated into online catalogs.

5.  I set up a LibraryThing account.  I’m look forward to using it in doing readers’ advisory work and for my book club.

4.  LIS 768 gave me opportunities to connect with younger staff members in my department at work.  Technology is so second-nature to twenty-somethings while some of us boomers have to work much harder at it.  I’m grateful for their expertise and all the patience they show me.

3.  I learned about blogs and blogging.  Before LIS 768 I rarely read blogs.  Now I can’t imagine not reading blogs, especially by some of the librarian bloggers.  Blogs can be very helpful in staying current in the profession.  They’re also often fun.  The applications for blogging in libraries is wide spread.  Beyond external blogging, I think internal blogging would be a great system for communication amongst staff members.   

2.  Although I am not an expert, I feel like I have my head above water—-I’m no longer drowning in web 2.0 technology that I don’t understand.

1.  This class made me think more about the many ways libraries can change in order to provide improved services for all users.


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